This can happen if a setting has been entered incorrectly.

For this reason we have added a way to fix this into the EleClient software.

To make the fix work you will need a USB Flash Drive or SD Card.

First of all you will need to make sure that the drive is formatted with a partition type that allows for Volume Labels to be as long as the password(+7 additional characters) you use to administer your EleBox.

The 2 that we recommend are NTFS(Windows) and Mac OS Extended as these both allow for long Volume Labels. FAT32 may work if your password is under 4 characters long(E.G. Still set to the last 4 digits of your serial number).

During the formatting of your drive(Optional depending on the formatted type of the drive already) or after formatting you will need to set the name of the flash drive as follows.

"EBFC 1 YourPassword" (EBFC Space 1 Space Your Password). Make sure to include the spaces but leave out the quotation marks.

This code will reset your network settings to use DHCP. After a short period of time your IP address should propagate back to our servers and from You should then be able to click on Manage Screen and then click on Administer Device.