Because secured using HTTPS(SSL) data to and from Eleboards is encrypted. 

Keeping the HTTPS status happy is complex. Communications break down with your Devices when SSL is invalid or non existent on your device. Devices need to communicate over HTTPS to keep things working.

Because of the above we provide SSL certificates automatically to your devices. An in-depth explanation of what we do can be found on the following page.

Below are instructions on how to install our Certificate Authority on to your computer and browsers. Failure to install this certificate will cause some features to break. You will still be able to do many things but the following will not work.

  • Live view of whats on your screen
  • Administer Device button in Manage Screen
If the above do work it will most likely cause your browser to notify you that your no longer browsing securely.

Install Instructions Windows(Tested In Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Download The Eleboards Certificate Authority Installer.

When the installer has downloaded open the installer and follow the steps to install.

Verify that the User Account Control looks like the following. If it does not click No and get in contact with us.

Mac and iOS(iPad & iPhone)(Tested In Google Chrome for Mac, Safari for iOS and Mac)

Download The Eleboards Certificate Authority.


Once the file has downloaded open your downloads folder and find a file called EleboardsCA.pem double click on this file. This will open Keychain Access.

You will see a window with information about the certificate your about to install. Click Always Trust.


As soon as you click on the above link you will be taken to a screen(iPhone)/window(iPad). Click on Install in the top right hand corner.