Eleboards Offers 2 Factor Authentication via Authy.

2 Factor Authentication allows you to provide an extra layer of security to your account. More so than just your username and password.

Enabling 2 Factor Authentication.

To Enable 2 Factor Authentication you will need to have a cellphone number setup on your Eleboards account.

If you don't already have a cellphone number setup in your Eleboards Account you can do this by going into your user profile and clicking on "Edit Account".

After you have assigned a cellphone number to your account click on "Edit Account".

You will now see a Enable 2 Factor Authentication option that you can click located under where you can modify your username or password.

Support Practices With 2 Factor Authentication Enabled

With 2 Factor Authentication enabled our support practices do change. Before we can provide any support we will need you to authorise your true identity.

Email Support.

When you submit a ticket we will reply with a link to a page that will ask for your 2 Factor Authentication Token. 

We will never ask you for your token without you first submitting a ticket. If you receive a request for your token without having opened a support incident do not click on any links.

Phone Support.

When you call us we will first ask you for your username and then for your token. Please tell us what this is and we will be able to continue after verification of this number.


Please note because of the cost involved in running this service any user who is exclusively using 2 Factor Authentication by SMS or Calls rather than one of Authy's provided applications will be subject to a fair use policy. We reserve the right to charge excessive users of the SMS or Calls service per login. Fair Use limits will vary depending on the Eleboards Plan you're subscribed too.