Devices sold by Eleboards have a web interface that can be used to administer your device and change settings. This document will outline ways of reaching this interface.


Eleboxes when first setup will display on screen instructions on how to setup your device. If your running your Elebox Headless. You can follow the steps below.

After Setup.

Login to your Eleboards account, from here click on Displays -> Manage Screen.

We will do some checks that you can actually reach your Elebox from your current network setup. This should take just a few seconds.

After the checks have been completed a button will appear saying Administer Device click on this and you will be taken to the web interface.

If it does not you may not be on the same network. If this is not the case you can use the instructions below to scan your network for your Elebox.

All other devices or a headless Elebox.

Any device that we sell can be found by going to

This will scan your network for any device that is broadcasting as an Eleboards Compatible Device.